Travel Trailer

Week 1 of the Travel Trailer Reno Series

Welcome to week 1 of the Travel Trailer Reno Series.

This week we tackle the cabinetry! Our travel trailer came with a light wood colored cabinets in the kitchen, the living room, and the bedroom. I was getting rid of it all!

I had used the Rustoleum Chalk Paint before and knew it worked well without any sanding. Less work, more fun = Happy Kayla

I heard that you didn’t have to prime with this stuff, but my sister-in-law recommended otherwise so better to be safe than sorry, I picked up some primer.

I bought the Rustoleum Primer…..”

It is recommended to use a special brush for the Chalk Paint but I just used a regular $6 one from The Home Depot.

And don’t forget to get some painter’s tape!

Here are some before pictures…. not awful but not the most modern.


Let’s get into it!

First things first, I washed down all the cabinets with hot water & Mr. Clean. I wiped them down again with a dry cloth and let them air dry for a few minutes.

I, then, went ahead and taped off the ceiling, the exposed sides, and around the nooks & crannies like the heater & such.

I removed the cabinets from the hinges to allow for better accessibility and remove the cabinet handles also. (I plan on changing these so I didn’t keep them) But if you are keeping the same handles, make sure to put the handles & screws in baggies so you don’t lose them.

Now it is time for the fun part! Start by priming all the cabinets and don’t be shy to go on thicker. The more you cover with the primer, the less actual paint you will use.

I didn’t go inside the cupboards but around the inside edges. Completely up to you how much work you want to put into it!

Once priming is done and your shoulder feels like falling off, you know it’s time for the Chalk Paint.

We wanted the general area cabinets (ie living room) to be white and also the top cabinets in the kitchen. The rest, we would paint Gray. This includes the bottom cabinets in the kitchen, the fridge (so fun!), the bathroom and the bedroom cabinets.


I started with the White Linen chalk paint simply so I wouldn’t have to wash my brush so many times. We painted all the desired areas and then moved on to the Aged Gray chalk paint for the other areas. On the can, it says you only need one coat for most surfaces…. that was not the case in this scenario. We primed, and used 3, yes 3, coats of the Chalk Paint before we were satisfied. Mind you, most people are going for the rustic, distressed look when using Chalk Paint and that was not the look we were going for.

But I LOVE the way it turned out. I last minute decided to paint the fridge the gray and it looks amazing. With this simple paint job, it makes the entire trailer look and feel bigger & brighter.

I can’t wait to see how the new flooring will look up against it.

Catch you next week for Week 2 of the Travel Trailer Reno Series.

If you have any questions about the this process or the products used, hit me up below!