Master Bedroom “Headboard” Wall

I’ve been seeing the barnwood trend all over social media and knew I have to have it somewhere in our house. I found it at Home Depot & Kent but for a price not within the Beaulieu Budget! I am going to show you how to achieve a similar look for less, Honestly, I prefer this look over the roughed edges of regular barn wood.

We have this awesome store in our city that offers great prices on laminate flooring. (Great prices on just about everything home to be exact) One day, we were in looking around and saw they had just stocked up on 3 different similar colors. Light bulb moment! Let’s use this as our Master Bedroom Feature Wall. We bought enough to do our wall and it turned out incredible. It adds a rustic chic vibe to the bedroom that we were going for. And it is easy to clean!

The laminate flooring we used was by GoodFellow and it is their Pine Creek collection. 

For flooring, we stick to the Dream Floor as it is a good mm but for this project, that wasn’t a huge concern.

Check it out below:

This was a bit of a learning project but a fun one.
We had friends that had mentioned to make sure we started at the top and make our way down. My husband, Josh wanted to try to use only “No Nails” product so we wouldn’t have a bunch of holes in our wall. So we started at the top and alternated flooring colors to get the look we were going for. Turns out, the “No Nails” wasn’t working as good as we hoped, so we ended up using the nail gun for the extra support along the way. We worked our way down. If you have never installed laminate flooring before, see my post “How to Install Laminate” to further details. We clicked the flooring together until we were done the whole wall.
It turned out exactly how I hoped! This is my “headboard” and I love it!

We were able to do this project for around $400. We also made our bed frame for around $200 so a total of $600 for a bedroom set. Total retail for these items can run you over $1000.00

Total time involved: 2 days
Total price involved: $400

This is a simple/intermediate project that anyone can do!!

Please don’t mind the parkay flooring… that has been changed since thank goodness. LOL