Master Bathroom Reno

Ahh, the lovely (tiny) master ensuite. We really did not have an ensuite on our must-haves list so this was a nice BONUS for us when purchasing this home.

The original came with tile flooring, an old plywood vanity complete with in wall medicine cabinet. Luckily, it looked like the stand up shower was newer so we knew we could make this work.

While we had plans to eventually renovate our master bathroom, it wasn’t on the list for another 6 months.
One Saturday, sitting on the bed, staring at the awful tile; we looked at each other and were both in agreeance, this had to happen ASAP!

6pm on a Saturday, we took out the sledge hammer and got started. We luckily had leftover tile and a brand new toilet so all we needed to purchase was grout, lighting and a new vanity. We had originally planned to just re-vamp the current vanity, but we found a beautiful vanity including sink for a decent price at Home Depot.

Our leftover tile from a previous job that was going to go perfect with our bathroom


We removed the old toilet & vanity then started on the floor. The flooring was a messy, dusty clay tile. I tackled this job while Josh went to get supplies. This was the messiest project I have ever done and I underestimated it by a million…

After all the flooring was removed, I patched some wall holes and painted. I chose the same color as our bedroom to make the bathroom appear bigger than it really is.
Once the paint was dry, we installed the new light and installed new tiles. Flooring is Josh’s forte so I let him tackle it all on his own.

Ugly hanging light fixture to new LED sleek light fixture 🙂


All in all, this was a lengthy demo but well worth it in the end. Our tiny ensuite looks bigger and brighter.

To remove the tile, I simply used a sledge hammer and a chisel to get out the old grout. This took the whole night so probably about 3 hours. This was the hardest part of the job.. the clay tile was really reallllly stuck on to the plywood underneath. We didn’t want to have to use a self leveler or new sheet of plywood so we used our manual labour instead. LOL

I used putty and covered some holes in the wall then painted with the paint we always use; Boomerang Paint it is recycled paint and the price is right at less then $20 a gallon. We used their “Pearly Grey” color.

After paint, Josh put down the new tile. To start, you would lay out your tile in your project area and using your tile spacers, figure out which tiles you will need to cut. Then, cut the tiles needed with a wet saw or a tile cutter. Now is time to lay down the floor! You must mix the mortar in a big bucket with water. Follow the instructions on the mortar you choose. Ideally, you would use this tool connected to your drill for easy mixing.

He put down the mortar and set the tiles in. The tiles must dry 24-48 hours before walking on them so we had to wait for them before moving on. Once the tiles were dry, Josh put in the grout. Wipe off the extra with wet sponge. Allow grout to dry and then wipe down with wet sponge again. Clean the cloudiness off the tile.

Tiles in place; before grout
Grout done

That takes another 24 hrs to set in. We have this handy tool to help decide which grout to match with your flooring.
We then installed the new light, the new vanity and toilet. Don’t forget to seal the toilet and around the sink with clear bathroom Caulking.

Total timeline: 5 days
Total price: about $400
Paint: $18/gallon
Tile grout: $15
Vanity: $249 at Home Depot
Light: $95 at Home Depot

After and Before!


I love the finished product!