• Travel Trailer

    Week 1 of the Travel Trailer Reno Series

    Welcome to week 1 of the Travel Trailer Reno Series. This week we tackle the cabinetry! Our travel trailer came with a light wood colored cabinets in the kitchen, the living room, and the bedroom. I was getting rid of it all! I had used the Rustoleum Chalk Paint before and knew it worked well without any sanding. Less work, more fun = Happy Kayla I heard that you didn’t have to prime with this stuff, but my sister-in-law recommended otherwise so better to be safe than sorry, I picked up some primer. I bought the Rustoleum Primer…..” It is recommended to use a special brush for the Chalk Paint…

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  • Travel Trailer

    Travel Trailer Reno Series!

    We were lucky enough to purchase a used travel trailer last summer from Josh’s family. It was extremely well kept, but a bit small and outdated. We knew that we could easily make it our own. Summertime is our favorite and we love being on the beach. This gives us a little vacation getaway whenever we want! I even like to sneak down there sometimes during the week as a little personal getaway!! So I am doing a Travel Trailer Reno Series! Follow me along for each project that we will tackle this summer. Each week, I will reveal a new part of the project tackled. Week 1: Painting the…

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  • Bedroom

    Master Bedroom “Headboard” Wall

    I’ve been seeing the barnwood trend all over social media and knew I have to have it somewhere in our house. I found it at Home Depot & Kent but for a price not within the Beaulieu Budget! I am going to show you how to achieve a similar look for less, Honestly, I prefer this look over the roughed edges of regular barn wood. We have this awesome store in our city that offers great prices on laminate flooring. (Great prices on just about everything home to be exact) One day, we were in looking around and saw they had just stocked up on 3 different similar colors. Light…

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  • Exterior Renos

    Summer/Fall 2018 Goals

    We have 3 home goals that we have planned to tackle this summer. I am hoping if I write them down, it will offer even more accountability for us! LOL When we first bought our house, there was a foundation issue that needed to be repaired immediately. We bought in late fall so we had to tear up the front yard and remove the front stairway/entry to do the repairs. Since it was so late in the year, we figured it would be best to wait until summer 2018 to replace our front entryway the proper way. Sadly, as the snow has melted, our front yard looks awful and this…

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  • Bathroom

    Master Bathroom Reno

    Ahh, the lovely (tiny) master ensuite. We really did not have an ensuite on our must-haves list so this was a nice BONUS for us when purchasing this home. The original came with tile flooring, an old plywood vanity complete with in wall medicine cabinet. Luckily, it looked like the stand up shower was newer so we knew we could make this work. While we had plans to eventually renovate our master bathroom, it wasn’t on the list for another 6 months. One Saturday, sitting on the bed, staring at the awful tile; we looked at each other and were both in agreeance, this had to happen ASAP! 6pm on…

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    Hello world!

    Welcome to my blog. I hope to inspire you to take on whatever renovation you may want to tackle! My goal is make it easier (and cheaper) for you to take on that home project you’ve been waiting for. We bought our home 6 months ago and it was the best decision we’ve made. The price was right and the neighborhood is perfect. We knew there would be work but we also knew we could tackle it ourselves! We have done quite the updates so far, take a look around in case you see something you might like! Follow us on this crazy journey… and hopefully we all make it…